Old postcards & pics of Snowdon

The half way house and Moel Elio link

Crib Goch in 1912 from the Summit Post website

Crib Goch in 1915 link

Snowdon, The Saddle, (or properly known as Bwlch Main) with the summit looming above, published by Pictorial Stationary Co London (view most likely pre SMR as no summit station can be seen) and many others can be seen at Old Postcardslink to site

Another view of the Saddle (Bwlch Main), which is said to have been taken in 1912 looking down from near the summit. I do not agree with the date given on Summit Post, it is defintely a much later photograph that was taken in the 1930’s. link to pic

A view of the approach to the summit in the early 1890’s. This is a rare view showing it in the days before the railway was built. The ponys that were often used to transport people up the mountain can be seen. link to pic

View from the west side of the summit. link to pic

View from the summit towards Llyn Llydaw & Crib Goch. link to pic

The summit hotel in the 1950’s. link to pic

A view of the very large summit cairn taken circa 1925. The old cairn was huge compared to that seen nowadays. Actually it was even taller before 1925! In this instance it appears to have had several feet taken off to provide a wider base for people to stand and admire the view link to pic

Note: The reasons for having a very tall summit cairn in times long past is clearly because the summit was topped with several buildings that consisted of tea rooms, a hall, and a small place for overnight lodgings. The cairn had to be sufficient for people to be able to see over the roofs for the all-round panorama. With the summit buildings of 1935 and the new Hafod Eryri, the summit cairn has no need to partake of such a great height and has actually been reduced in height on several occasions during the 20th century.

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