Old Paintings of Snowdonia – 3

More old views & paintings


This mid 19th century view of Snowdon from Capel Curig by James Baker Pyne is in the National Museum of Waleslink to pic


An early 19th century view of Llyn Padarn and Snowdon by Turner, from the National Galleries of Scotland link to pic


An early 19th century view from Capel Curig towards Snowdon by Turner. Turner was a pupil of Varley’s (see below) and both spent much time painting the delights of Snowdonia. Turner’s Capel Curig painting however gives the area an Amazonian sense. Llynnau Mymbyr can just be seen beyond the trees. From the National Museums & Galleries of Wales link to pic


Snowdon from Harlech, by John Varley late 18th century. This painting was given an Italian touch and perhaps predicts the area’s later Italinate architecture that came in the designs used at Portmeirion. National Museums & Galleries of Wales link to pic


And now for something different. No not Monty Python but a caricature! This view of Dolbadarn Castle drawn in a humourous style shows the hapless Dr Syntax falling into the lake whilst attemtping to do a drawing. Dr Syntax was a satire concieved by Thomas Rowlandson, a London artist whose work was somewhat similar to that of Hogarth’s. Rowlandson devised this series featuring a bumbling cleric, and this picture is from the first in that series – Tour of Doctor Syntax in Search of the Picturesque (1812) link to pic


This unsual illustration of Snowdon from Harlech castle is not a painting but a book illustration. It appears to have its perspective wrongly placed, but nevertheless it is quite a romantic depiction of the majestic Welsh mountain. Look at how it has been made so much taller! The picture is from a book published in 1886 and known as the History of the Britons and the Welsh. Other than the info on the Wicipedia (Wikipedia) page, I have been unable to find out more about this particular book link to pic

Links to sites featuring old postcard views and pictures of Snowdon

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