Old Paintings of Snowdonia – 2

Another selection of old views & paintings


Breanski’s Snowdon from Llyn Llydaw can be viewed at goldenagepaintings.blogspot.com. Its a very nice picture even though its done with quite considerable artistic discretion. The Miner’s/Pyg Track can be just made out climbing the steep section below Crib Goch link to pic


Another find at goldenagepaintings.blogspot.com, showing this work by Sidney Percy, who painted many mountain scenes in Wales and the Lake District. This particular example shows four cows, a man resting behind a rock and another standing some way off link to pic


This is another of Sidney Percy’s works and its clearly a variation on the first one above. It can be seen at Natural History of the British Isles


Cooper was a regular to Snowdonia and his work won awards, notably his ‘Goatherd on Moel Siabod.’ This example from 1879 shows two shepherdesses and their flock with Snowdon visible in the background through the clouds. The painting can be viewed at Sotheby’s website link to pic


This is an engraving of Snowdon from Capel Curig, done circa 1830, and available from the Summit Post websitelink to pic


This engraving of Snowdon & Llyn Padarn in 1870 is available from the Summit Post website link to pic


The Diary of a Walker (anonymous) depicts the walks of an anonmous person and his friend as they walk through North Wales in 1832. The ascent of Snowdon is well covered, and the pair stay at the summit for the night. There are a number of illustrations covering the actual ascent via the Miners Track and the summit link to pic

Old Snowdon Pictures 3

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