Old pictures of SMR & summit buildings

Excellent views of the Snowdon Mountain Railway (known in its early days as the Snowdon Mountain Tramroad) in the late part of the 19th and early part of the 20th Centuries – can be found on the internet

This photograph shows a single carriage Snowdon Mountain Tramroad and Hotels Company train at Llanberis. The locomotive is No.4 Snowdon. The site has several other Snowdon railway and Llanberis views including a number of shots clearly showing the railway as it was in perhaps its second year of operation link to site

This postcard shows the Snowdon Mountain Tramroad test train consisting of two carriages at the viaduct just above Llanberis, and a good view of Dinorwic.

Note: The above picture shows No.1 locomotive LADAS in a pre-service publicity photograph, possibly at the end of March/1st week of April 1896. LADAS only had a week or so of existence after this was taken, for she met with disaster in the railway’s opening day accident on April 6th. The pictures can be seen on the Our Past History website link to pic

This postcard shows a single carriage train on the upper viaduct just above Llanberis.

This postcard shows the Snowdon Mountain Tramroad just after construction in 1896 at the Halfway bridge over the Llanberis path link to pic

This postcard shows a distant view of the Snowdon Mountain Tramroad in the Clogwyn vicinity as seen from Llechog. (Llechog as a stand alone description is very misleading as there are TWO Llechogs on Snowdon.) The Llanberis path is clearly not so worn as it is these days on the section above Clogwyn Goch. The telegraph poles that carried the communications up to the summit are not there, but this was probably taken after these were removed between Halfway and the summit. Some of my old photographs taken in the days I worked for the YHA show that the telegraph poles were still in use as far as Halfway link to site

A view of the Snowdon Mountain Railway at Clogwyn. This is a fairly common postcard view as this picture has been used in many publications and I have such a card in my collection link to site

The Snowdon Mountain Tramroad on the final ridge up to the summit of Snowdon link to pic

The iconic scene that was present throughout most of the 20th century, featuring the new summit hotel of 1935. This picture is defintely from that year as the original full length hotel windows can be seen. The railway’s telegraph poles have long since gone (though they remained in use as far as Halfway till later.) link to pic

A splendid view of the Victorian summit buildings with a train in the station from Postcard Heaven link to pic

The railway on the final approach to the summit of Snowdon link to pic

Probably one of the best shots of the Victorian summit buildings and the Snowdon Mountain Tramroad station. Its almost a HDR photo – no doubt the hand colouring was expert on this one. Very few people pose in these pictures, however one in my collection has a woman in Welsh National costume whist this one has a stocky burly man in a white hat. This picture has to be one of my favourites link to pic

Definitely not a good quality shot Victorian summit buildings (with train about to enter – or leave – the station.) Apart from the writing, the most important thing about this picture is the hordes of people that can be seen at the summit! The date of the postmark is 1903 link to site

Note: People complain that the summit is very overcrowded, but this is nothing new. In the mid 1850’s there were concerns at the number of people walking up the mountain and the amount of trash they were leaving behind! Anyway looking at these pictures of the summit building, it is apparent that it was more impressive in those days. The 1935 Clough Ellis building and the present Hafod Eryri largely reduces the impact of the impressively steep pyramidal summit.

A late 60’s or early 1970’s scene with a train departing for Llanberis link to pic

View of the Victorian summit buildings and a train from Old Postcards in early Snowdon Mountain Tramroad & Hotels days. This and many more from the same URL link to site

Note: The person seen just below the summit buildings is a woman. It appears that a series were taken on this day with the same woman as I have a postcard in my collection taken much closer to the summit buildings showing the woman in full Welsh National Costume.

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