Wales News: MP Expresses Sympathy over Eppynt Incident

Commenting on the incident which occurred at Llywel on the entrance to the Eppynt Range on Saturday night, local Brecon & Radnorshire MP Richard Livsey said: “Firstly, I very much regret that a Police Officer has been seriously injured as a result of an earth-moving machine being
driven through Police vehicles. I am sure everyone will send their deepest sympathies to the Policeman and his family. This is a very serious matter.”

“My understanding is that a member of a sub-contractor’s workforce drove the machine, and put not only the lives of the Police, but also the lives of the protestors in danger – they too were forced to jump out
of the way.”

“I can only condemn this incident, but also must state that the protestors I met on Friday and Saturday are law-abiding local people, who are just trying to protect their livelihoods. It is important now that this difficult situation be resolved through the good offices of the Leaders of the Farmers Unions in Wales.”

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