Wales News:Williams Attacks lack of Eppynt Consultation

Kirsty Williams, Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for Brecon and Radnorshire has commented on the plan to bury culled sheep on the Epynt: “There has been a serious lack of consultation in this matter. The local
residents were not consulted and myself and other local politicians were also not consulted.

“When I was informed about the plans late last week I warned the Agriculture Minister Carwyn Jones of the concerns that would be raised by residents and which I share. This is an area that is free of foot and mouth and this is being jeopardised by disposing of possibly infected carcasses on the Epynt.

“Infected and possibly infected livestock should be slaughtered and destroyed on site and not transported to another area. Local residents are rightly upset that possibly infected carcasses from Montgomeryshire are being transported to their area which has so far remained free of this terrible disease.

“Both myself and the local MP Richard Livsey are working hard to resolve this situation. We have met with the residents at Llywel and arranged for them to meet Carwyn Jones and we continue to look for ways of disposing of slaughtered stock from Montgomeryshire in Montgomeryshire.”

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