Wales News: Local Pressure Boosting Economic Activity in Knighton

Efforts by local politicians over the past 12 months to address the economic problems facing Knighton and east Radnorshire, following job losses in more than one major local employer, are showing clear signs of
bearing fruit, according to Brecon & Radnorshire’s Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) and Powys County Councillor, Roger Williams.

In a process kick-started by Brecon & Radnorshire’s MP, Richard Livsey, at a public meeting he called a year ago, following the announcement of major job losses at Motorway Remoulds, Mr. Livsey more recently led a delegation to meet the Chairman of the Welsh Development Agency. The delegation included Cllr. Roger Williams and Knighton’s County Councillor, Ken Harris, and they pressed the WDA hard on the need for increased investment by the Agency in the Knighton area.

Since then, Cllr. Williams was instrumental in bringing the Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the National Assembly, Mike German AM, to visit Knighton. Mr. German is also the Assembly Economic Development Minister. He met local business people and the Town Council, to discuss what can be done to address the economic difficulties facing the town.

” All this pressure looks to have paid off”, said Cllr. Williams. ” It isclear that the WDA is looking to increase economic activity in Knighton, and has been in contact with the Town Council. The WDA also has a remit
from the Assembly to help improve East-West transport links in Mid-Wales, and Knighton must feature prominently in any such strategy.”

” This welcome improvement in the outlook in East Radnorshire is down to the efforts of the Town Council and County Cllr. Ken Harris, with assistance from myself and Powys County Council, and the great help provided by Richard Livsey MP and Kirsty Williams AM. It just shows that with sufficient effort, local politicians can deliver.”

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